Why Choose a Female Plastic Surgeon?

Blog posting written by Stephanie Power MD, FRCSC – plastic surgeon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Although females make up half of many medical school classes, female surgeons remain in the minority.  Within the plastic surgery field, there are even fewer female cosmetic surgeons.  Many patients considering cosmetic surgery – whether in Los Angeles or Toronto – express preference to see a female plastic surgeon.  While some patients seek a female surgeon for gender-specific surgery (for example, breast augmentation), this preference is expressed by many individuals seeking facial plastic surgery as well.  Common reasons why patients may wish to see a female plastic surgeon are as follow:

  • Improved communication

While this is not news to many, there are communication differences between the sexes!  Many studies have suggested that communication may be enhanced when seeing a female physician.  In general female practitioners focus more on psychosocial issues.  This is particularly important in plastic surgery.  We wish to understand your motivation for surgery and aesthetic goals.  The doctor-patient relationship is a partnership and communication is the foundation.  Solid communication may enhance your trust in choosing a plastic surgeon.  Communication is the key during all phases of your plastic surgery experience, from pre-operative visits through surgery and long-term follow up.  I think the best compliment recently came from a patient who stated that seeing a female plastic surgeon felt like seeing a trusted friend.

  • Longer consultations

Along the same lines, enhanced communication may translate into longer visits based on health care studies.  Female physicians tend to spend longer on average with their patients during office visits.  Many patients express higher satisfaction with longer assessments and do not feel rushed when asking questions.  It is important to understand all details relating to your surgical care.  Longer office visits may also enhance patient care.

  • Shared beauty perspective and understanding

As females we understand and share similar ideals of beauty.  We likely read the same magazines and watch the same media programs.  Many female patients express that they are able to let their guard down in office visits and open up about their body insecurities without feeling judged.  Many patient questions are very intuitive for a female plastic surgeon.  We understand that you will want to know when you may resume wearing makeup, color your hair, and go back to work without colleagues noticing you have had surgery.  Many male patients also express comfort when seeing a female plastic surgeon by avoiding the male-male competition.

As female plastic surgeons, we don’t hold ourselves to a male standard of beauty.  We understand that you may not wish to look like a swimsuit model, but often just a fresher and improved version of your best self.  Although technical expertise and training are very important when selecting a plastic surgeon, advantages when seeing a female plastic surgeon may enhance your plastic surgery experience and ensure that you achieve the best outcome.

Please contact female plastic surgeon, Dr. Sunder, to discuss facial plastic surgery in the Los Angeles area!

Benefits of a Successful Plastic Surgery, Encino, CA

Having plastic surgery is not only about having a transformation in the appearance, but is a lot about emotional benefits as well. There are various potential benefits of plastic surgery, depending on the type of surgery you are getting and the reason behind it. For instance, a procedure like rhinoplasty not only enhances your nose appearance, but also helps you breathe easier.

From breast implants to rhinoplasty, from facelift to liposuction, you can experience an amazing confidence boost after attaining a more proportional body that looks great.

There was something that was holding you back, but now has been rectified with plastic surgery in Encino. So, an increased confidence is a major emotional benefit of a successful plastic surgery procedure. After the treatment, you may be able to participate in physical activities that you never felt comfortable participating in before. So this new beginning is bound to give you a healthier lifestyle too. If you happen to undergo treatments like liposuction or breast reduction, the reduced weight will get along a range of benefits for you and your body. A successful plastic surgery can indeed better your life as well as self-esteem. You may go in for surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Sunder of Encino, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon Encino at Persky Sunder Plastic Surgery – 16311 Ventura Boulevard #600, Encino, CA 91436 – (818) 501-3223 lays great stress on initial consultation with the patient to determine the candidacy of the patient for plastic surgery, and also to evaluate the most suitable procedure. She really focuses on making sure that her patients are healthy and prepared for the surgery. ‘I also have a list of medications, vitamins and oral supplements that a patient has to take before or after the surgery’ says Dr. Sunder.

By going through the cosmetic procedure videos of her previous patients, you can evaluate her capability in molding a young and fresh look by both surgical as well as non-surgical treatments.

A Non-Surgical Facial Skin Rejuvenation Technique- Dermal Fillers in Agoura Hills, CA

At some point of time, it’s hard to ignore the vivid signs of ageing that you can see in the mirror. There may be some visible wrinkles around your eyes or lips, and some sagging skin. Today, there are many surgical cosmetic procedures as well as non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can soften the effects of time on your face. Facelift in Agoura Hills is one of the most commonly sought surgical procedures. However, for people who do not wish to undergo a surgery for some reason, dermal fillers make an effective, yet a non-surgical plastic surgery procedure.

Dermal filler is an FDA approved injectable temporary facial implant used to add volume to the ageing face and remove wrinkles and deep facial lines. Dermal fillers can be used to plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases and improve the appearance of recessed scars. These fillers are injected into and underneath the skin to fill the wrinkles and deep lines, thus making the face look younger. The injection takes only a few minutes. There might be some swelling after the procedure, but you can return to work almost immediately.

Female plastic surgeon, Dr. Sarmela Sunder, MD, a very reputed, experienced and board certified plastic surgeon at Ruth Swissa Med Spa 29020 Agoura Road Unit A Agoura Hills, CA 91301 is an expert in injecting dermal fillers. During your consultation with her, it is important to openly discuss your medical history, plastic surgery goals and any other concerns that you may have. Dr. Sunder would make an informed and realistic assessment about your candidacy for the procedure of injecting dermal fillers.

You can schedule a preliminary consultation with Dr. Sunder who is a leading name in plastic surgery in Agoura. You may ask her for the videos of face plastic surgery of her previous patients to have an idea what you would look like after the procedure, and to what extent your goals can be met. Being a reputed and highly qualified plastic surgeon, she can certainly give you the best advice and guidance.

Challenge the Most Visible Signs of Ageing through Facelift in Calabasas, CA

Over the last few years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of women having facelifts. As a major effect of ageing, you may experience sagging in your face that would make you look much older than your actual age. This skin ageing gets accelerated due to reasons like the sun, environment, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and genetics. If you too have tried various skin care treatments, anti-ageing creams, exfoliation, toners, masks, scrubs and beauty products, but haven’t had any visible results so far, then a facelift can certainly fetch you the most desired outcome.

When you get in touch with a specialist face and neck plastic surgeon Calabasas, Dr. Sarmela Sunder, MD, board certified surgeon at Eden Surgical Center 23951 Craftsman Road Calabasas, CA 91302, you will get to know how facial plastic surgery in Calabasas could bring out a naturally glowing facial appearance. Facelift is a surgical procedure in which loose facial and neck skin is removed to produce a smoother, fresher appearance. You may ask Dr. Sunder to show you the cosmetic procedure videos so that you have a clear understanding of the procedure. The surgery might take 2-3 hours and she recommends her patients to spend at least one night in her cosmetic surgery center after the procedure.

As per Dr. Sunder, a well done facelift should last you about five to ten years and it should help you achieve a much rejuvenated outlook. At the time of having an initial consultation with her, you may go through the after and before photographs of her previous patients. As a female plastic su

Consult a Plastic Surgeon in Calabasas, CA to know the Most Appropriate Facelift Option

With passage of time, you may observe some visible signs of ageing on your face and neck; In fact, your face and neck are usually the first places where these signs tend to appear. And to minimize any unwanted signs of ageing, a facelift would be the right way to go. If you happen to consult a plastic surgeon in Calabasas, you will be told of a number of facelift options, including the surgical procedures and the non-surgical procedures. Every procedure is not right for every patient; in fact, the age of the patient and the extent of work that needs to be done are the major factors that decide the most appropriate procedure for a patient.

Apart from facelift, there are various other procedures too that plastic surgeons may perform; These include Botox, Fillers, Brow lift, Eyelid surgery, Facial implants, Facial liposuction, Resurfacing, Neck lift, and Rhinoplasty. Dr. Sarmela Sunder, successful female plastic surgeon Calabasas, MD, at Eden Surgical Center 23951 Craftsman Road Calabasas, CA 91302, says “It is possible to go in for simultaneous procedures for complete facial rejuvenation. Specifically, a neck lift and a face lift go very well together. Same with liposuction, you can combine it with other procedures of the face to give yourself a really nice result”.

It is very important that you openly discuss your goals, concerns and specific desires with her during your initial consultation. Dr. Sunder, Calabasas certified plastic surgeon, is known for her natural results and individual approach to facial rejuvenation. She understands how each patient needs a unique evaluation and treatment plan. You should be open to explore all options to determine what is right for your needs. For more information, you may visit or contact Dr. Sunder office Calabasas and schedule a consultation with one of the most successful female surgeons in the country.

Wish to go for Plastic Surgery? Seek Advice from Certified Plastic Surgeon Encino, CA

Whenever you consider plastic surgery, there are many factors that should be taken into account as far as you yourself are concerned. Individuals who are in good health are typically good candidates for plastic surgery. However, it is very important for you, as a prospective patient, to have realistic expectations for your surgery results; it may help with your self-confidence, but it won’t help you get a new job, find happiness in a relationship, etc. The primary concern of cosmetic plastic surgery is on refining your appearance, rather than changing it completely.

Female plastic surgeon, Dr. Sarmela Sunder, MD, a very reputed, experienced and board certified plastic surgeon Encino, specializes in facial plastic surgery at Persky Sunder Plastic Surgery- 16311 Ventura Boulevard #600, Encino, CA 91436 – (818) 501-3223. During your consultation with her, it is important to openly discuss your previous medical history, plastic surgery goals and any other concerns that you may have. Dr Sunder would make an informed and realistic assessment about your candidacy for cosmetic surgery. During a consultation, she will take into account your individual factors such as body type, size and age.

You can schedule a preliminary consultation with Dr. Sunder, at Dr. Sunder Office Encino. You may have all your doubts clarified on pre- and post-operative care and if plastic surgery would be the right thing for you. She has 3D simulators using the latest imaging technology to show what you would look like post surgery, and to what extent your goals and expectations can be met. Being a reputed Encino certified plastic surgeon, she can certainly give you the best advice and guidance.

Facelift in Calabasas, CA – Preparing for Surgery and Optimizing the Healing Process

There are many aspects to Facelift in Calabasas. It starts with making up your mind to go through the procedure, selecting a board certified surgeon who is a specialist in facial plastic surgery and finally a detailed pre-operative consultation. The latter is extremely crucial as it is here that all your doubts and concerns will be addressed. You will be discussing with your surgeon the best way to reverse the aged look, your goals and objectives and the looks you hope to achieve from surgery. In turn, the surgeon will advise you on what is really feasible. If you contact Dr. Sarmela Sunder, MD at Eden Surgical Centre 23951 Craftsman Road Calabasas, CA 91302, she will even show you on simulators what your post facelift looks will be like.

Dr. Sarmela Sunder, a board certified specialist in facial plastic surgery Calabasas gives a great deal of attention to pre-op appointment. This she feels goes a long way in preparing the patient for surgery as well as facilitating the recovery process. She says, “At the pre-operative appointment, I really focus on making sure that my patients are healthy and prepared for surgery. At the pre-op visit, I give my patients a list of medications they have to take before the surgery or afterwards. I also have a list of certain vitamins and oral supplements that a patient can take to really ensure that they are going to have the best results possible to decrease bruising, to decrease swelling and to really optimise their healing.”

Sarmela-sunder-MDThis process is gone through when the patient needs a surgical Face lift Calabasas with incisions resulting in considerable downtime, bruising and swelling. However, for non-invasive procedures with injectable dermal fillers, there is just a bit of soreness and redness in the treated area which goes away within a couple of days. What you need to get back a young and refreshed look can best be decided by the surgeon.

Harnessing Ultra-Sound Technology for a Refreshed Look in Encino, CA

Have you lately noticed mild to moderate sagging of the skin around your neck or maybe lower brows and fine lines around your lips? If you have, you are an ideal candidate for Ultherapy Encino for addressing these issues. The concept is actually quite simple. When there is low-level of collagen production by the body, it leads to loose skin due to loss of its elasticity. Ulthera is a simple hand-held device that gives off ultra-sound waves. When held against the targeted areas that need tightening up, sound energy and gentle heating from thermal energy creates new collagen in those regions resulting in lifting, tightening and toning up of skin in that area.

Dr. Sarmela Sunder, MD, a very reputed, experienced and board certified Encino plastic surgeon specialising in facial plastic surgery at Persky Sunder Plastic Surgery – 16311 Ventura Boulevard #600, Encino, CA 91436 – (818) 501-3223 has successfully carried out this treatment on many patients. While Ultherapy Encino cannot be taken as an alternative to full surgical facelift, it is ideal for those who are not mentally prepared for surgery and yet want to eliminate the early signs of aging. Advantages include zero downtime with the patient being able to resume normal duties almost immediately as there are no incisions and hence no scarring and bruising, healing of which always require extended recovery periods.

If you schedule an initial consultation in Dr. Sunder office Agoura Hills, you will come to know that since the sound and thermal energy of Ultherapy Encino is focussed deep in the skin, it is suitable for people of any skin texture and colour. It is also the only FDA approved non-surgical device that is permitted to be used for lifting facial tissues. Further, to get a very clear idea on how you can benefit from Ultherapy, see the before and after photographs of previous patients of Dr. Sarmela Sunder. You’ll find that it really works wonders for your face.

Plastic Surgery in Santa Clarita, CA and the Road to Recovery

All surgical procedures have certain things in common – a certain degree of scarring, bruising and downtime. The degree might be different depending on the scope and extent of surgery. The oft-repeated question of most potential patients considering facial plastic surgery is that how soon they would be able to get back to normal life. Think about a facelift. The traditional procedure requires incisions and has quite a bit of scarring and bruising with considerable downtime. On the other hand, facelift with injectable facial fillers like Voluma or Sculptra require negligible recovery period.

Female plastic surgeon in Santa Clarita, Dr. Sarmela Sunder, MD elaborates on a patient getting back to a normal routine and starting usual exercises and workouts. “Everyone wants to know when they can get back to working out and start exercising after surgery. And this really depends on the type of surgery you had and the level of exercises you are talking about. But for the most part I like my patients get back to exercise anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. The reason for this is that any activity that increases blood pressure will cause swelling and swelling and can impact your healing process. And so in the interest of getting optimal results, I have you hold back on exercise for a little bit.”

You can schedule a preliminary consultation with successful certified surgeon Dr. Sarmela Sunder at Valencia Dermatology 28212 Kelly Johnson Pkwy #245, Santa Clarita, CA 91355 to have all doubts clarified on post-operative care and how soon you can get back to your daily routine after facial plastic surgery. She has 3D simulators using the latest imaging technology to show what you would look like after surgery and to what extent your goals and objectives can be met. Being a reputed Plastic Surgeon in Encino you can definitely bank on her advice and guidance.

Always Insist on a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Calabasas, CA

Whenever you consider plastic surgery, there are many factors that should be taken into account so far as the surgeon is concerned. Experience and qualifications are important factors along with specialization that is, the surgeon should be carrying out more number of surgeries of what you need than anything else. But what you should definitely insist in a plastic surgeon Calabasas is board certification. A board certified surgeon from such institutions such as American Board of Plastic Surgery or American Society of Plastic Surgery will be exceptionally skilled in their field.

Female Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sarmela Sunder, MD, at Eden Surgical Canter 23951 Craftsman Road Calabasas, CA explains why being a board certified surgeon is so significant. “When you are looking for someone to work on your face, it’s very important that you seek out a surgeon that is board certified. There are a lot of nerves and blood vessels and important structures that are a part of the face, especially in the area that you are having work done when you are having a facelift or neck lift. Muscles in that area and nerves in that area really control how you move your face and also how your face looks basically without any movement. It’s really important that you seek out a board certified surgeon who is well-trained and who is well qualified to deal with the muscles and nerves of the face.”

If you are considering facial plastic surgery and visit plastic surgeon Calabasas Dr. Sarmela, ask for before and after photographs of previous patients. You can immediately see her abilities in crafting perfect facial features and bringing about a most natural look. She will also show you on 3D simulators using the latest imaging technologies what your face will look post surgery. And you can be sure that she will deliver as promised.