Dysport® is an injection containing abobotulinumtoxinA (Botulinum toxin type A). Dysport® helps in reducing the creation of rhytides (wrinkles) just like his big brother Botox®, causing a temporary reduction in muscle activity treating safely and effectively various areas of the face via small needles. Visible results are reported to happen as early as 3 days post injection but the average patient will report full visible result after 10 days.

Dysport® was FDA approved back in 2009 for aesthetic use for glabellar line (frown lines) but just like its predecessor, Dysport® is widely used for other areas of the face in addition to its medical purposes. These areas include the forehead and the crow’s feet. Only a highly skilled, trained physician like Dr. Sarmela Sunder can provide you with the most natural rested youthful look. We are often asked what the difference is between Dysport® and Botox®. Well, they have more in common than they differ.

But to start with Dysport® is measured differently and therefore injected with a different unit ratio (3 units of Dysport® for 1 Botox®). Some physicians will agree that Dysport® is preferred among some patients for the crow’s feet area due to its diffusion into muscles creating a very natural, movement friendly environment. Lastly, Dysport® is slightly cheaper than other neuromodulators on the cosmetic market. Dysport® is gradually earning its spotlight once patients have experienced it for themselves.

Real facts about Dysport®

  • Last about 3 months
  • Works as early as three days
  • Provides a “soft look”
  • We recommend not lying down for 4 hours or exercising for 24 hours post injection just as a precautionary measure. Why risking any potential side effects?
  • The treatment only takes a few minute
  • Pain free without down time
  • The average cost for Dysport® is about $250

Some myths about Dysport®

  • “Dysport® is exactly like Botox®”. False! While they contain the same neurotoxin (Botulinum toxin type A), Dysport® has fewer of the purified protein and therefore deliver different but similar results.
  • “Dysport® can be administered by anyone”. False! Only skilled, trained healthcare professionals like Dr. Sarmela Sunder can inject this type of product.
  • “Dysport® has many side effects”. False! Like any injectables, mild swelling and bruising is a risk but mostly a nuisance.
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Ask Dr. Sarmela Sunder if Dysport® is right for you.