RADIESSE® is a wrinkle filler used to plump the skin to smooth out moderate to severe facial rhytides (wrinkles). Dr. Sarmela Sunder will Inject RADIESSE® through a small needle and placed under the skin. This filler works immediately to add volume under the skin and over time, the benefits of RADIESSE® continue by naturally stimulating your body’s own natural collagen.

The natural results have been reported by the average patient to last up to a year or more for some patients, making the treatment results both immediate and long-lasting. RADIESSE® is contained of Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. It is not party of the HA (hyaluronic acid) dermal filler family. Over time, the gel is absorbed and the body metabolizes the CaHA microspheres leaving behind only your own collagen.

RADIESSE® was first approved in the US in 2001 and has had subsequent approvals, including for corrections of nasolabial folds (from the nose to the corner of the mouth). RADIESSE® is approved in 52 other countries. The proper training and appropriate use plays a big role in the success for optimum results. Dr. Sarmela Sunder safely injects RADIESSE® on some of these popular areas due to its effectiveness and instant natural looking results:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose)
  • Non-surgical chin/pre jowl augmentation
  • Cheek augmentation

In February 2015, RADIESSE® was approved by the US FDA for hands rejuvenation via injection improving the look and their youthfulness. The injectable product itself is milky (calcium) in color and opaque, which makes it ideal for hiding veins when injected under the skin in a fanning motion. It’s important to have it administered by someone with experience just like Dr. Sarmela Sunder who knows how to properly administer this treatment for optimum, long-lasting results.

Real Facts about RADIESSE®

  • Last up to 12 months
  • For facial rejuvenation, the average cost is $695
  • For hand rejuvenation, the average cost is $1300
  • Some patients report mild discomfort
  • May cause mild bruising and swelling, we recommend taking Arnica few days beforehand
  • Instant gratification treatment

Myths about RADIESSE®

  • “RADIESSE® turns into bone”. False! The body will slowly, gradually absorb and metabolize the product.
  • “RADIESSE® can migrate to nearby areas”. False! This dermal filler is a very cohesive product that forms dermal collagen scaffolding around the poly hydroxyapatite (Hydroxyapatite mimics the natural bone mineral and has shown good bone-bonding properties)
  • “RADIESSE® obscures radiology studies”. False! While it can be seen, it does not obscure tissue or bone.

Ask Dr. Sarmela Sunder if RADIESSE® is right for you.