In our culture, strong, high cheekbones are synonymous with beauty for both men and women. Who hasn’t gazed at an image of a supermodel or a movie star and marveled at their dazzling facial structure?

But not everyone is born with high cheekbones. And even those who were born with them may notice a deflated, sunken look as they age. As we grow older, the “fat pads” of our cheeks begin to thin, giving our once healthy-looking face a gaunt appearance.

Whether you’ve had weak cheek definition your whole life or simply have seen your face sag as you’ve aged, cheek augmentation Los Angeles with implants can add volume and revitalize your face.

Implant Options

Cheek implants Los Angeles are popular with both men and women. A malar (outer, upper cheek) implant is an excellent option to improve weak bone definition. Submalar (lower, midface cheek) implants are often used to replace lost cheek fat and correct a hollow appearance around the eye. This procedure typically takes less than an hour.

If you’re not ready for permanent implants, injectable fillers are an effective, temporary alternative, and provide a great example of how permanent implants would look.