A face with harmonious and balanced features is naturally satisfying to the eye. When a feature is too prominent or, in the case of a recessed chin, not prominent enough, it can create an imbalance that prevents you from achieving your ideal appearance.

Fortunately, chin augmentation Los Angeles with implants (also known as mentoplasty) can compensate for a weak chin and lead to a better-defined jaw line. This technique brings the hidden or sunken chin into balance with your face, creating a more pleasing facial structure.

The Surgery

Dr. Sunder will help you choose the implant shape and size that is most appropriate for your face. Specifically, Dr. Sunder carefully considers the unique physical characteristics of your face to reveal your most natural attractiveness.

Chin implants Los Angeles are made of safe, FDA-approved materials including mersilene mesh (customizable) and silastic implants (pre-formed). The procedure is typically performed using IV sedation and a local anesthetic. The procedure generally takes less than an hour.