Today, we know more about aging than ever before. This exciting new information is revolutionizing the way we approach plastic surgery. While gravity and wrinkles were once thought to be the primary source of physical aging, we now know that several other factors come into play, like loss of volume (or fat) to the face. Once the face loses volume, it becomes more vulnerable to the effects of gravity, resulting in sunken cheeks and eyes, as well as a skeletal contour.

In addition to the use of non-surgical dermal fillers, volume loss can also be restored through fat transfer Los Angeles, an innovative procedure that actually uses your body’s own fat to help your face look younger.

One surgeon used the following metaphor to describe the role of fat transfer Los Angeles: “When we are young we are a full, ripe grape and as we become older we deflate into a raisin. The question then is why should we cut and pull the raisin into a pea, when we should think about reinflating it back into a grape. ”

Fat transfer Los Angeles involves removing a very small amount of fat from a donor area, such as the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. The fat cells are carefully prepared and then injected into the face, similar to the way injectable fillers are used.

Compared to facial fillers, the effects of a fat transfer procedure last much longer. In some cases, the results can even be permanent.

The goal of fat transfer Agoura Hills is not to change how you look, but rather to recreate the natural, healthy appearance of your youthful face.