Full, beautiful lips are a potent symbol of health, beauty and sensuality. They can make even the plainest face look glamorous. But not everybody is born with full or elegantly shaped lips. And as we age, our lips lose volume, sag and become thinner. Lipstick also tends to bleed into the surrounding lines that develop around the mouth.

Conversely, there are those who regard their lips as too big. Some men, for instance, may feel that their full lips make them look too feminine.

Fortunately, there are several ways to enhance or alter our appearance, while avoiding lips that look swollen, bizarre and disproportionate to the face. Ultimately, the only thing we want others to notice is that we look better, healthier and well rested. Dr. Sunder will help you choose the most appropriate treatment option for achieving your most beautiful, natural-looking lips.

Non-Surgical Options

Injectable dermal fillers (e.g. Juvederm and Restylane) to enhance the lips are the most popular options used today. They last longer than ever (six to twelve months) and offer very natural-looking results. This non-surgical treatment takes just a few minutes in the office, and has almost no downtime. Although there is a possibility of some bruising and swelling, avoiding certain medications (Dr. Sunder will review with you) and applying ice before the treatment can minimize this risk.

The thin wrinkles that form around your lips as you age (often referred to as lipstick or smoker’s lines) are best treated by a combination treatment approach. BOTOX® Cosmetic or Dysport, can gently weaken the strong muscles around the lips that lead to excessive pursing of the lips, resulting in lines. An injectable filler can also be used in conjunction with the muscle relaxer to achieve the best results. Deep wrinkle lines may benefit from a skin resurfacing treatment (such as a laser treatment or dermabrasion).

Permanent Surgical Options

When considering a permanent surgical alteration of your lips, it’s important to remember that what looks appropriate on a 20-year-old will look unnatural on someone much older. And because the lips change over time, the best option is often a semi-permanent one. Dr. Sunder believes that the results must look as natural today as it does 20 years from now.

There are times, however, when permanent enhancement or reshaping of the lips or Lip Lift  is the best option. For example, a person with very thin lips or a significant asymmetry between the upper and lower lip would benefit from a permanent solution such as lip implants.

As we age, our upper lip also begins to droop, giving us a scowling appearance. A lift lip can help return the upper lip skin, muscle and underlying tissues to a more youthful contour, giving you a younger looking smile. In addition, the lips can be augmented with dermal filler, collagen or fat during the procedure to result in a more aesthetically pleasing lip shape.

Fat grafting can also be used where fat from other parts of your body are transferred to your lips to give you a long-lasting, natural result.