Most people are well aware that as we age, the lower face and neck start to sag, but many people don’t realize that the forehead starts to “sag” or descend, as well. A browlift is a rejuvenating surgery that lifts the brows back to a youthful position and smooths out any lines on the forehead.

While the brows descend regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, a browlift for men is very different from that for women. A forehead lift surgery for men poses a unique set of considerations that must be appreciated by your surgeon in order to achieve natural looking results.

Am I a candidate for a male forehead lift?

Patients who benefit from a male brow lift are those who see evidence of brow ptosis, or sagging brows. These signs include prominent forehead creases, hooded upper eyelids and eyebrows that are sitting well below the brow bone. Lines on the forehead often give a person a tired or angry appearance, while hooded upper eyelid skin can portray a sad or sleepy demeanor.

In youth, a woman’s eyebrows usually sit above the brow bone, while a man’s brows sit at the brow bone. As we age, the brow descends slowly. Since the brow starts of at a lower position in males, men tend to experience problems associated with sagging brows sooner than women. For example, men often complain of impaired vision because of upper eyelid hooding. As a result, male brow lift surgery is useful in restoring the brow to normal position, resulting in a more youthful and refreshed appearance, as well as re-establishing a full field of vision.

Considerations in Men

One of the biggest concerns, in any surgery, but especially in a male brow lift procedure, is the appearance and location of the scar. Many surgeons perform forehead lifts in the traditional manner via a coronal incision, which runs the length from one end of the forehead to the other end. The traditional techniques either require a portion of hair-bearing skin be removed and cause the hairline to appear higher after surgery.

Dr. Sunder performs her male brow lift using a minimally invasive endoscopic technique with much smaller incisions camouflaged well inside the hairline. This approach works well for male patients, since Dr.Sunder understands that a man’s hairline may recede as he ages. In addition, when making the incision, Dr.Sunder utilizes specific techniques that limit hair loss around the incision.

Unlike women who have prominently arched brows, a distinctively masculine brow is only slightly arched or relatively flat. When performing a forehead lift for men, this is an important consideration to keep in mind. Maintaining the relatively horizontal shape of the male brow, as well as its position on the brow bone, are important factors to giving a man natural looking, yet rejuvenated, results.

Another consideration in a male forehead lift surgery is to not leave a man with an overly smooth and shiny forehead. It is natural for a man to have some texture to the forehead. Dr.Sunder keeps these considerations in mind, along with any individual preferences or concerns each patient may have, in order to achieve a natural and fitting result for each patient’s face, personality and lifestyle.