A skin cancer diagnosis can be a traumatic experience that’s exacerbated by the scars left behind after treatment. Dr. Sunder offers reconstructive surgery to restore a normal facial or neck appearance for patients who have undergone the Mohs procedure for skin cancer treatment.

Mohs micrographic Los Angeles surgery is a precise surgical technique for removing skin cancer cells while leaving healthy tissue intact. After it’s been determined that the area is cancer-free, your Mohs surgeon will give his or her consent to proceed with reconstructive surgery.

Repair of facial cancer defects created by the Mohs surgery often utilizes healthy adjacent skin flaps or skin grafts. The majority of reconstructive procedures are done using local anesthesia and typically last between one or two hours. Larger, more complicated defects require a more extensive procedure, and necessitate free tissue transfer, e.g. skin, muscle, and/or bone from different parts of the body.

Although no one can re-create your original face, Dr. Sunder can help you achieve a reconstructive result that is as functional and natural looking as possible.