One day, you look in the mirror and it hits you. You’ve crossed the line that separates youth from middle age. Your jaw line, once taut and well-defined, has started to sag or even hang in jowls. The skin and muscle under your neck has become loose and slack, forming folds and perhaps a double chin.

You know these features well. Perhaps you’ve seen them on your father or your grandmother. But you’re certainly not ready to accept them on your own face and neck. Nor do you have to. A neck lift Los Angeles can have dramatic results by restoring your neck and jaw line to its youthful appearance.

Patients interested in neck lift Los Angeles surgery may schedule an appointment at our Agoura Hills office and meet with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sunder to discuss in detail the procedure, what to expect, and address any questions you may have about the surgery.

Neck Lift and Facelift Los Angeles: The Ideal Combination

For optimal results, surgeons commonly recommend a facelift Los Angeles in conjunction with a neck lift Los Angeles. Since most people who have signs of aging in the neck also have telltale signs of aging in the face, these two procedures typically go hand in hand. Also, in most cases, it’s impossible to remove neck skin without leaving redundant cheek and face skin, so a subsequent facelift is often necessary.

Many people consult a plastic surgeon when they want to correct a single aspect of their appearance, such as the jowls or a “turkey wattle.” But as with all procedures, it’s Dr. Sunder’s looks at the whole picture—how one feature plays off or enhances another—with the ultimate goal of giving you the most flattering and natural results possible.