We tend to associate double chins with people who are overweight, but in reality, weight is less of a factor than genetics. Even if you’re a slender person, excess fat can stubbornly accumulate in the neck area, making you look overweight, older or just less attractive.

The Benefits of Neck Contouring

A well-defined neck area and jaw line is naturally pleasing to our eye. They represent health, youth and beauty in both men and women. Many of us have beautiful faces that sometimes get overlooked by an unsightly double chin. The good news is that neck liposuction Los Angeles can help you achieve your most attractive self without sacrificing any of your unique traits. It’s less invasive than a face or neck lift Los Angeles, but can often have as noticeable a result. And best of all, the results are so natural-looking that the only thing people will notice is how youthful and radiant you look.