Otoplasty, also called Ear Pinning, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed to improve the appearance of the ears. The otoplasty procedure is usually performed when there are overly large ears and/or the ears stick out prominantly from the side of the head. Children with overly prominant ears are often unfortunatnly made the target of relentless teasing by their peers which can negatively impact their self-esteem while into adulthood. Otoplasty can be performed on children as young as 5 and it is typically recommended that the earlier the procedure is performed the better as the cartiledge of the ear is more maleable in youth, though it can be performed on adults as well. The otoplasty incision depends on the specific needs and goals of each patient, though Dr. Sunder works to ensure the incision is made in the natural creases of/around the ears to minimize any scarring as much as possible. Next, the cartiledge is remove and/ore reshape to create the desired results.
Ideal candidates for the otoplasty procedure are in good health with realistic expectations for the procedure process and potential results. Otoplasty has helped many people achieve the ear appearance they desire and increase their confdience. If you are interested in learning more about the otoplasty procedure, and to find out if you or your child may be a good candidate, contact our office to scheudle your consultation today.