Blog posting written by Stephanie Power MD, FRCSC – plastic surgeon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Although females make up half of many medical school classes, female surgeons remain in the minority.  Within the plastic surgery field, there are even fewer female cosmetic surgeons.  Many patients considering cosmetic surgery – whether in Los Angeles or Toronto – express preference to see a female plastic surgeon.  While some patients seek a female surgeon for gender-specific surgery (for example, breast augmentation), this preference is expressed by many individuals seeking facial plastic surgery as well.  Common reasons why patients may wish to see a female plastic surgeon are as follow:

  • Improved communication

While this is not news to many, there are communication differences between the sexes!  Many studies have suggested that communication may be enhanced when seeing a female physician.  In general female practitioners focus more on psychosocial issues.  This is particularly important in plastic surgery.  We wish to understand your motivation for surgery and aesthetic goals.  The doctor-patient relationship is a partnership and communication is the foundation.  Solid communication may enhance your trust in choosing a plastic surgeon.  Communication is the key during all phases of your plastic surgery experience, from pre-operative visits through surgery and long-term follow up.  I think the best compliment recently came from a patient who stated that seeing a female plastic surgeon felt like seeing a trusted friend.

  • Longer consultations

Along the same lines, enhanced communication may translate into longer visits based on health care studies.  Female physicians tend to spend longer on average with their patients during office visits.  Many patients express higher satisfaction with longer assessments and do not feel rushed when asking questions.  It is important to understand all details relating to your surgical care.  Longer office visits may also enhance patient care.

  • Shared beauty perspective and understanding

As females we understand and share similar ideals of beauty.  We likely read the same magazines and watch the same media programs.  Many female patients express that they are able to let their guard down in office visits and open up about their body insecurities without feeling judged.  Many patient questions are very intuitive for a female plastic surgeon.  We understand that you will want to know when you may resume wearing makeup, color your hair, and go back to work without colleagues noticing you have had surgery.  Many male patients also express comfort when seeing a female plastic surgeon by avoiding the male-male competition.

As female plastic surgeons, we don’t hold ourselves to a male standard of beauty.  We understand that you may not wish to look like a swimsuit model, but often just a fresher and improved version of your best self.  Although technical expertise and training are very important when selecting a plastic surgeon, advantages when seeing a female plastic surgeon may enhance your plastic surgery experience and ensure that you achieve the best outcome.

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