RealSelf Q&A with Sarmela Sunder, MD




I can still see my laugh lines after mini facelift. Is this normal? (Photo)
A minilift is a great option for patients who are starting
to see early signs of jowl formation. It is primarily intended to improve the
lower third of the… READ MORE >



Mini Facelift at 41, a Good Idea?
Without examining you, it is difficult to say whether you
would be an ideal candidate for a minilift. However, a minilift is a great
option for patients who… READ MORE >



I have a salivary gland tumor originating in the parotid gland on the left side of my face. Can I have a mini lift?
As long as the parotid tumor is benign, it is possible to
undergo a partial parotidectomy and a minilift during the same procedure. In
most cases, the… READ MORE >



Is Venus Viva painful?
In my practice, we apply numbing cream to the area to be
treated for 45 minutes prior to a Venus Viva treatment, and have found that patients have
done… READ MORE >



Venus Viva-how does it differ from Thermage/other rf devices? What are the potential complications?
Venus Viva is a great option for certain types of acne scars,
as well as for improvement of skin texture and quality. The device is set, so
that the needles… READ MORE >



Who is a candidate for Venus Viva (photo)?
Venus Viva is a great option to treat skin damaged by chronic
and long-term sun exposure! In a series of treatments, it works particularly
well to improve… READ MORE >



Can you use scar removal elasticity strips on facelift scars after 6 weeks or is this too early?
Silicone sheets have been shown to improve the appearance of
scars if used 24 hours a day for at least 12 weeks. It is usually safe to use
the silicone scar… READ MORE >



Facial Microcurrent: Do They Work Like a Facelift?
There have not been any studies that prove that Facial Microcurrent
treatments lead to long-term (more than a few months) tightening or lifting of
skin or… READ MORE >



If I lose 30 – 40 pounds after I get a facelift will my face be saggy again?
I usually recommend that patients that are “realistically”
planning on losing more than 15lbs of weight loss, undergo the weight loss,
prior to a fac… READ MORE >



Afraid of any kind of anesthesia! Got the terrors once. Any suggestions?
I would recommend consulting with a Board Certified Facial Plastic
Surgeon or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options given your
specific… READ MORE >