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With the growing aging population and the rise in cosmetic procedures, the Facial Fat Transfer market is expected to register a CAGR of 10.7% by the year 2026. The International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery research in 2018 indicated that over 10.5 million cosmetic surgeries were performed worldwide.
Going by these statistics, we can firmly attest that fat transfer is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its unique benefits and continued innovation. Here, we learn about what fat transfer is, its benefits, and the best time to consider one.

What Is Fat Transfer?

Also known as “fat grafting,” or “autologous fat transfer,” fat transfer refers to the process of removing a part of a patient’s excess body fat and moving it to another part of their body that requires more fat volume. Fat transfer is mainly used on the face to restore lost fat in the areas around the temples, lips, cheeks, and chin. Generally, fat transfer can be used to treat sunken regions, lines, creases, acne scars, wrinkles, and any other issue caused by decreased fat volumes.
A decrease in fat volumes can be caused by sun damage, aging, or some medical conditions. A doctor can remove excess fat from a patient’s abdomen, inner thighs, or buttocks through liposuction, then place it in other parts of the patient’s body (such as the face). Before the transfer, the fat processes and purifies to ensure that it augments perfectly with the new position. Unlike other fillers and volume-enhancement treatments, this procedure focuses on using the patient’s fat to fill the parts with volume deficiency.

The Benefits of Fat Transfer

Attribute the significant growth in the number of people willing to undergo fat transfer to the many benefits of the procedure. They include:

1. It Is Considerably Safe

Fat grafting relies on autologous fat (fat from the patient’s body) as opposed to dermal filler. This means that the cosmetic process replaces like with like, thereby reducing the chances of allergic reactions and “rejections”. There are minor side effects associated with fat transfer as well.

2. The Effects Are Durable

After a fat transfer, which is natural, the effects are likely to last longer than other similar procedures. Additionally, the transfer leaves a patient with a natural appearance given that there is no introduction of foreign bodies; this only needs autologous fat.

3. Some Fat Transfer Procedures Are Noninvasive

Are you afraid of surgery? Well, here is an option for you to get your natural glow back without going under the knife. Fat transfer, especially for face rejuvenation, is noninvasive and safe.

4. Serves Different Purposes

Many patients continue to enjoy the various services that fat transfer procedures have to offer. Apart from facial fat grafting, patients can also have breast augmentation, hand rejuvenation, and butt lifting fat grafting procedures, depending on their needs.
For breast augmentation fat grafting, there are smaller scars as compared to the traditional methods. In most cases, the procedure also does away with the need for implants. Patients rely on fat grafting to correct breast deformities and abnormal breast shapes. This procedure is the perfect alternative for restoring quality, reducing damage, and correcting irradiated breast tissues for mastectomy patients.
On the other hand, butt lift fat grafting offers patients a natural look and feel compared to butt implants. Additionally, there is less risk of complications that may include implant displacement, capsular contracture, and collection of fluids. Hand rejuvenation fat grafting gives you a long-lasting effect as compared to dermal fillers.

When to Consider Fat Transfer?

Are you a perfect candidate for fat transfer? Well, if you have any of the following characteristics, you might be:

  • Sunken cheeks or your face appears creased.
  • A natural and permanent solution to temporary fillers.
  • The desire for reconstructed breasts, fill contour irregularities, or conceal apparent signs of using breast implants.
  • Natural option of filling bodily depressions, remove scars, revise your body contour, and rejuvenate your hands and face.

Consider Professional Advice

While it is true that you might decide whether you need fat transfer or not, you need professional advice to know what type of fat grafting will suit your needs perfectly. Fortunately, DR. Sarmela Sunder has been doing that for her patients for years.
Being the founder of Sunder Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, DR. Sarmela is a popular, experienced, and well-trained plastic surgeon with plenty of experience and professionalism. She serves patients from Los Angeles County, but she has patients from around the world.
Contact us today for the best professional advice to learn if you are a perfect candidate for fat transfer or any other cosmetic surgery. Please go through our blogs to find out more information and updates on our services.

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