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Natural Enhancement with Sunder Plastic Surgery

At Sunder Plastic Surgery, we believe in the power of cosmetic surgery to highlight natural beauty. Our approach to facial fat transfer is rooted in the idea that enhancing your features should embrace your unique essence, reflecting an authentic, revitalized you. We understand that you're not just seeking a change in appearance – you're seeking an enhancement that resonates with your inner confidence. Our team, led by Dr. Sunder, is committed to delivering results that make you feel truly remarkable, inside and out.

What is a Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial fat transfer, also known as "fat grafting" or "autologous fat transfer," is a transformative procedure that harnesses the power of your body's own resources. This innovative technique involves extracting excess body fat from areas like the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs through liposuction.

The harvested fat is then carefully processed and purified before being skillfully injected into targeted facial areas that need additional volume. This procedure offers a natural approach to enhancing your features, rejuvenating sunken areas, addressing lines, wrinkles, creases, and even acne scars caused by the natural loss of volume due to aging and other factors like sun damage. By restoring volume to regions such as the lips, temples, cheeks, and chin, we can achieve a harmonious rejuvenation that aligns with your unique beauty.

The Benefits of a Facial Fat Transfer

Discover the remarkable advantages that facial fat transfer can offer. This transformative procedure not only enhances your natural features but also revitalizes your appearance with the power of your body's own resources. Through the meticulous process of extracting and injecting your body's fat, this technique offers a variety of benefits that extend beyond traditional treatments.

Natural Enhancement

Utilizing your own fat creates results that seamlessly blend with your features, enhancing your beauty in a way that looks and feels authentic.

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike temporary fillers, facial fat transfer provides lasting outcomes that evolve naturally with your facial changes over time.

Enhanced Volume

By restoring volume to areas such as the cheeks, temples, and lips, facial fat transfer creates a youthful and vibrant appearance.

Reduced Risk of Allergic Reactions

Since the fat comes from your own body, there's no risk of allergic reactions or rejection, ensuring a safe and compatible enhancement.

Improved Skin Texture

Fat transfer can help improve the texture and quality of your skin, leading to a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Multi-Beneficial Approach

This procedure not only enhances facial aesthetics but also reduces unwanted fat in donor areas, achieving a comprehensive enhancement.

Minimized Scarring

The incisions for fat transfer are tiny, resulting in minimal scarring that is easily concealed and fades over time.

Reduced Downtime

The recovery period is generally shorter compared to more invasive procedures, letting you get back to your routine sooner.

Is a Facial Fat Transfer Right for You?

If you're seeking a subtle and natural way to rejuvenate your appearance, a facial fat transfer could be an ideal choice. This procedure is suitable for individuals who wish to enhance their features while maintaining an authentic look. If you've noticed a loss of volume in your face due to aging, sun damage, or other factors, facial fat transfer can restore youthful fullness to areas such as the cheeks, lips, temples, and chin. Additionally, if you're looking to address issues such as lines, wrinkles, creases, or acne scars, this technique can provide a comprehensive improvement. Since facial fat transfer utilizes your body's own resources, there's a reduced risk of allergic reactions or rejection, making it a safe and compatible option. Whether you're considering enhancing specific features or achieving a harmonious overall rejuvenation, a facial fat transfer can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with natural-looking results.

The Facial Fat Transfer Process What to Expect

The journey of a facial fat transfer begins with an initial consultation at our Beverly Hills practice. During this session, Dr. Sunder will discuss your aesthetic goals, evaluate your facial structure, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. If facial fat transfer is deemed appropriate for you, the following steps outline what you can expect during the process:


On the day of the procedure, you will receive local anesthesia to numb the areas where liposuction and fat transfer will take place, providing a comfortable treatment experience.


Using a thin cannula inserted through small incisions, excess fat is gently loosened and suctioned out from donor sites like the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. This harvested fat is then processed to purify it for transplantation.


The purified fat is carefully injected into the target areas using a syringe, similar to dermal filler injections. Dr. Sunder's expertise ensures precise placement to achieve natural and balanced results.


After the procedure, you may experience mild swelling and bruising for about a week. Dr. Sunder will provide detailed pre- and post-care instructions to help you optimize your recovery and achieve the best possible outcome.

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Facial Fat Transfer Recovery

After your facial fat transfer procedure, you can expect some initial swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort. These temporary effects are part of the normal healing process and typically subside within the first week. Dr. Sunder and her expert team will guide you in managing any discomfort and ensuring a smooth recovery. During the initial weeks, you may notice that your face appears slightly overfilled. This is intentional, as not all grafted fat will survive the transfer. Over time, the transferred fat will gradually settle into its new location, achieving a natural and harmonious contour that aligns with your desired outcomes. 

While individual recovery experiences may vary, most patients find they can resume their normal daily activities, including work, within a couple of weeks. Engaging in more strenuous activities should be limited for about 4 to 6 weeks to allow your body ample time to heal and adapt to the changes. Throughout your recovery journey, Dr. Sunder and her team will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have, providing you with the necessary support to achieve optimal healing and results.

As you observe the gradual transformation of your features and witness the revitalizing effects of facial fat transfer, you'll feel a renewed sense of confidence and satisfaction with your appearance.

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Why Choose Dr. Sunder for Facial Fat Transfer?

When considering a transformative procedure like facial fat transfer, it's essential to trust your care to a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. While facial fat transfer is generally considered safe, like any medical procedure, there are potential risks to be aware of, such as infection, bleeding, and scarring, as well as under- or over-correction. 

With Dr. Sunder's comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience, the chance of experiencing complications is significantly minimized, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of care throughout your treatment. By choosing Dr. Sunder and her dedicated team, you are entrusting your transformative journey to a compassionate and skilled professional who is dedicated to your safety, satisfaction, and long-term well-being. 

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