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Achieve a more youthful eye region with under-eye treatments

Patients who struggle with under-eye circles and bags are often tired of being told they look tired. What most people don’t know, however, is that lack of sleep is just one of many factors that play into the development of dark circles under the eyes. Patients who want to achieve a more awake and refreshed look may be interested in opting for some help from the world of aesthetics. 

Dr. Sarmela Sunder, M.D., employs various techniques to help patients overcome the difficulties of under-eye circles and achieve a more radiant face. 

How do under-eye circles occur?

While it is true that under-eye bags can be caused by a lack of sleep, their appearance can also be attributed to other factors. Changes in skin texture, whether caused by the natural aging process or environmental factors, can diminish overall facial volume and exacerbate the appearance of under-eye bags. The herniation of orbital fat (fat around the eyes) can also cause shifts in the eyelid septum, leading to the development of under-eye fat. While the appearance of dark circles and puffiness can be disconcerting for patients, there are many treatments available to overcome it. 

What are the signs?

It goes without saying that under-eye circles are a cosmetic issue that is plainly visible to the patient and onlookers. That said, under-eye bags can be related to underlying conditions that cause other issues. In some cases, under-eye puffiness is an indication of an allergic reaction characterized by itching, irritation, and swelling. If dark circles are being caused by poor sleep quality, tiredness is an obvious sign. Generally speaking, there are various issues that can contribute to this condition, making it difficult to pin down the exact cause.

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Treatments for under-eye issues


While PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) has become a household name around the world, few patients are familiar with PRFM (Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix). When combined with the right amount of calcium chloride, PRP transforms into a fibrin matrix. This structure helps maintain the platelets at the site of application, allowing for uninterrupted release of growth factors. Various studies have found that platelet growth factors support collagen production while increasing blood supply, making it an effective treatment for wrinkles, poor skin texture, enlarged pores, acne scars, stretch marks, volume loss, and other skin issues.

Under-eye fillers for volume loss and camouflaging

Injectable dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse have proven formidable options for those suffering from dark circles. These fillers can restore lost volume in the under-eye region and camouflage dark circles, leaving patients with a fuller outer eye region and a more youthful aesthetic. Dr. Sunder takes great pride in tailoring every filler treatment to her patient’s unique anatomy, ensuring results that look as natural as possible.


Anyone paying attention to recent trends in cosmetology has surely heard about microneedling. This simple, effective procedure is able to stimulate new collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin through the application of a device with tiny needles. When applied to the under-eye region, this method is incredibly effective at creating more fullness. As a result, patients enjoy a smoother and fuller outer eye region that looks more youthful. 

Laser skin resurfacing with Co2

While these treatments are often associated with the treatment of the cheeks and other areas of the face, laser skin resurfacing is an incredibly effective treatment for under-eye issues. These procedures are able to tighten eyelid skin, remove excess tissue, and lighten darkened areas of the skin. Those looking for a comprehensive treatment for their under-eye issues stand to benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

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Why Choose Dr. Sunder?

A double-board certified, fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sarmela Sunder, M.D., is committed to helping her patients in Beverly Hills age gracefully. She understands the skin issues that can develop throughout life and uses her extensive expertise to create individualized treatment plans, helping you reach your cosmetic goals in a timely manner and with fantastic results. An alumnus of the highly esteemed Johns Hopkins University, she prioritizes cosmetic excellence and patient satisfaction above all else. 

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