Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials
Wonderful experience. Very professional and helpful in answering questions about my procedure. Second time visiting Dr. Sunder and I am thrilled with my results!
Yael K.
Brentwood, CA
Sarmela is the BEST facial plastic surgeon! She’s done a lot of various procedures that look amazing - from minimally invasive to facials to scar removal, and I look great!!! She’s such a caring person with an eye for detail. My friends tell me that I look beautiful and natural, which is so important to me! I’m so lucky to have met Dr. Sunder!
Suzanne R.
Calabasas, CA
Dr. Sarmela Sunder and the team she works with at Cassileth are excellent! This is definitely the “A” team for any needs you may have. Dr. Sunder is a double board certified surgeon, a super star in her field, a professional wiz who cares greatly for her clients, and is exceptional in her skills. Each doctor at Cassileth specializes so that they are the best at what they do. Whatever your needs or wishes, they will collaborate with you to make the best plan, then take fabulous care of you through your procedures and recovery. Book your appointment today!
Laura C.
Los Angeles, CA
I had a facial surgery with Dr. Sunder and I couldn’t be happier the results. She’s taken 20 years off my appearance and when I tell people my age they are in disbelief! The process was easy, the aftercare was phenomenal. Once I was completely healed and refreshed from the surgery I returned to Dr. Sunder for her expertise in cosmetic injectables. I now have luscious lips that look natural and she’s erased all the pesky fine lines and wrinkles that come with age. I highly recommend her, her personality and bedside manner were impeccable and over all I look forward to each appointment!
Nancy H.
Los Angeles, CA