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A brow lift, also commonly referred to as a forehead lift, is an anti-aging procedure that eliminates forehead wrinkles, creases in the nose area, and frown lines between your eyebrows. Many people choose brow lifts to maintain their youthful appearance. Regardless of your own reason, there are many benefits, methods, and factors you should consider when considering brow lifts.

The Brow Lift Procedure

How the procedure is actually done is probably the first question everyone has, and for good reason. The primary form of brow lift performed is called an endoscopic lift, which consists of two tiny incisions an inch away from your hairline, with Endotine implants that smoothen your face out and gradually dissolve. This is the preferred method due to its small size and quick recovery time, along with less area for scarring.

Another popular method of lifting is called the temporal lift, which involves making two lateral incisions in the temple area; this method is frequently used in conjunction with other procedures such as eyelid lifts. The procedure you go with is ultimately up to your needs and preferences, but regardless, Sunder Plastic Surgery looks forward to providing you with the quickest and most satisfying brow lift procedure in the Beverly Hills area!

Erase the Creases on Your Face!

Brow lifts give you the opportunity to turn back the clock by minimizing wrinkles and creases in your forehead, brow lines, and the bridge of your nose. This makes it especially appealing to those who have developed extreme creases and wrinkles.

A Brow Lift is an Eye-Opening Surgery — Literally

Another effect of brow lifting that many patients love is more open-appearing eyes. The de-aging used to revert creases also plays a hand in fighting off heavy or narrowly open eyes. Thus, allowing patients to get a clearer and wider view of the world around them. These results are immediate and can be subtle or drastic depending on your needs heading into the procedure.

Long Term Results

Unlike many de-aging procedures, brow lifting is a simple, one-time procedure with immediate results. You don’t need to be overwhelmed with keeping track of your anti-aging procedures; here at Sunder Plastic Surgery, we can eliminate that stress with a simple and effective lift that keeps you looking young and happy for years to come.

Endoscopic and Temporal Lifts Are Great for Men!

Traditional, coronal brow lifts involve long incisions across the whole scalp that have long recovery times, more noticeable scars, and a tendency to raise the hairline substantially. This has scared many men away from getting lifts for years, but we hear your concerns! Dr. Sunder has performed countless brow lifts over the years and specializes in both of the aforementioned endoscopic and temporal lifts; she works very carefully and individually with every patient to ensure that there is the smallest noticeability possible, both in terms of incision scars and modifications to your hairline. Your hairline shouldn’t have to suffer just so you can experience the wonders of a brow lift.

They Combine Well With Other Procedures

Brow lifts work very well with other procedures. For example, many patients will choose a temporal eyebrow lift while they are also receiving an eyelid lift and/or a mini lift. This is because doing them together ensures consistency between procedures, along with synchronized recovery times. If you plan on getting multiple procedures but don’t do them in conjunction, you run the risk of getting one procedure that’s not on par with the others, and it also guarantees that you will have separate recovery times, possibly putting you in recovery for months. 

It’s Natural Looking

The final and biggest point is the fact that brow lifts look completely natural. Other anti-aging methods tend to involve more obvious implants or injections that lead to a more noticeable result that is often less pleasing to the patient than the wrinkles they were looking to get rid of. You don’t need to suffer in this way. Indeed, a brow lift is a great natural-looking way to reclaim your youth.

Schedule Your Brow Lift Today!

Now that you know all the reasons for getting a brow lift, Dr. Sunder could not be more excited to help you take the next step in your journey. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to begin discussing your own lift here at Sunder Plastic Surgery!

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